1. What's the different between flash stamp, self-ink stamp and rubber stamp?

There are basically three types of stamps: Pre-inked stamps, self-inking stamps, and traditional hand stamps (sometimes called wood stamps, or more generically 'rubber stamps'.)  Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so we will go through these 3 types individually:


Pre-inked / flash stamps:
Pre-inked stamps deliver the greatest clarity of impression, and also the longest use before reinking. Flash Stamp is a good choice for detailed graphics, signature and text. It also offers waterproof impressions and can be used on glossy surfaces. Although they are priced higher than other types of stamps, due to their longevity, they also provide the best value of cost-per-impression basis.


Self-inking stamps:
Self-inking stamps have been the most popular stamps for many years.  Their lower initial cost affords you a very high-quality impression for a lower initial investment.  Self-inking stamps work by the use of a revolving die plate, which strikes the included ink pad to place ink upon the die plate, and then revolves around to strike the targeted material as you press down.  Due to its continual inking process and replaceable ink pad, a self-inking stamp is suited for high-volume stamping needs. 


Traditional Hand Stamps:
Traditional Hand stamps were the original rubber stamps manufactured, and have thus been known as 'rubber stamps'.  These stamps utilize the same laser-engraved rubber as self-inking stamps, but instead of having an enclosed ink pad, you must use a separate stamp pad to ink the rubber die plate. It is very easy to change ink colors with a wood stamp, as long as you have separate stamp pads with different ink colours.


2. what's the different between laserable red rubber and liquid polymer?

There are two different materials that can be used to make the 'rubber textplate' for self-inking/hand stamps - laserable red rubber and liquid polymer.

Polymer dies are made from a liquid polymer which is exposed to UV light to make the text plate.  Polymer dies should only be used with water-based inks. In our experience, polymer dies, while worthwhile, also tend to flex, shift or rip, which will cause bad impressions.  Also, the polymer process does not do well with intricate designs, as the polymer tends to 'fall over' on small lines or details on a stamp. 

True rubber textplate are manufactured by custom-lasering into a sheet of rubber. These lasered dies have a much clearer impression than those that are made using a polymer.  While costing a bit more, WE ONLY USE REB RUBBER DIES TO MAKE OUR STAMPS.  Rubber dies are much sturdier, last longer, and can be utilized for any kind of design you might need.  We will always use rubber for our self-inking dies, as we believe the quality difference is quite substantial, even if it ultimately costs us more to produce.  We do not carry that extra cost on to you, our customer, as we believe in higher quality stamps, not higher margins.


3. Can I recycle my self-ink rubber stamp with only replace text plate?

Yes, you can only change the text plate instead of buying a new mechine, but the imprint of the rubber could be pressed into the ink pad in which case the new rubber text plate may not be inked properly in, so in order to guarantee a high quality imprint when changing the text plate of your rubber stamp, it would be wise to buy a new ink pad too. 


4. How many impressions do I get from a self-inking stamp?
After a few thousand impressions you may notice the ink becomes faint on your stamp. 
Replacement pads are available in a variety of colours and can be ordered on our other products page or by calling us direct.




1. what is the right font size for a stamp?

The smaller your text, the harder it is for clear crisp impressions. Text fonts below 8 point fail to deliver the ink consistently because in the centre of small fonts hooped letters like e, a, d, p etc the ink can bubble across and give a solid looking centre. So try your best to either keep your font size 8 pts and above or to keep your font style simple like arial font if you’re using a smaller sized font.


2. How to choosing the right rubber stamp size?

First and very important, when choosing rubber stamp sizes, please don't refer to the price. Come up with a basic structure for your rubber stamp, keeping in mind that you have a limited space to work with, more information your rubber stamp should have, more bigger sizes rubber stamp you need.

If the rubber stamp size that you chooice is ideal and you can fit your information in based on your desired arrangement, then that would be good. If not, you may either have to chooice another rubber stamp size or restructure it again. 

If you have no idea of what rubber stamp size you need, call us and we are happy to provide you a profesional advice in terms of arranging your rubber stamp details. 


3. Will you create a stamp design for me? How i re-confirm the art work?

Rubber stamp commonly use for commercial purposes actually have no any design or artwork requires, It has standard info arrangement and formal appearance, so we actually don't need a fancy design or font that not suitable for stamping any formal documents. The pricing and current service offered assumes that the customer has 'stamp-ready' artwork to submit with their order.


4. So, can i include my own design or logo on my stamp?

If you really need your special own design on your stamp, please send us a pdf or AI file (preferably black/whilte with resolution of at least 400 dpi if possible), we can easily include your artwork or logo on it. 




1. How much will my stamp cost?

The price of your stamp will depend on the size of your text / artwork. There are easy ways to find out how much your stamp will cost:

1. If you know the size of your design you can check our stamp category to see respective price
2. If you still haven't found your price, send your rubber stamp information or sample to our whatsapp or email, we will qoute you as soon as posible.


2. How much should i pay for instant rubber stamp service?

MY STAMP is the first Malaysia rubber stamp maker who provide 1 hour instant rubber stamp service with no any extra charges. Its absolutely free of charge without any conditions apply.